Refund and Replacement Policy

1. Pigeon Spot Ltd. (herein after referred to as "PIGEON SPOT ") reserves the right to review and approve or refuse and deny any replacements or refund requests. PIGEON SPOT will work with customers to find mutually acceptable solutions for any issues related to their purchase from PIGEON SPOT or its affiliates. Should a refund or replacement item be approved it will be shipped for designated birds and customers will only be responsible for shipping and box cost .
(Note: as a general rule there is no replacement, refunds or returns on live pigeons for health and safety and other reasons. All live pigeon sales are final). Filing Claims of Shipping Mishaps with the shipping company or agency are the sole responsibility of customers.

 2. PIGEON SPOT may charge 25% of total shipment costs, plus any additional restocking, handling, labor, cancellation fees, and shipping charges for replacement items, for any refunds and or replacement birds. Pigeon Spot will not be held liable for any casualties of birds after they have been shipped and accepted by a shipping company. By completing any transaction with PIGEON SPOT, you agree to all terms and conditions listed herein. In case of any dispute, resolution of any disagreements shall be obtained by mutual consent and agreement.

 3. PIGEON SPOT LTD. will not accept replacement or provide any refunds under the following conditions:

          • Purchases and claims more than two weeks after shipping by PIGEON SPOT LTD.
          • Birds that are sick, damaged, injured or noticeably deteriorated in quality to the extent that they are not
             suitable for use. This will be determined upon inspection by PIGEON SPOT LTD. experts.
         • Replacement and Refunds requests should be accompanied with the proof of payment and purchase.

4. Refunds will be provided after final approval by PIGEON SPOT LTD. - Refunds may be provided as:

           (a) credited to an existing account; or
           (b) paid by check or money order; or
           (c) credited to the credit card or debit card used at the time of purchase. Refund process may take 6 to
                 8 weeks.

 5. These rules may be updated without notice.

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